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ABRAHAM LINC | Carpeting Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why is my new carpet shedding?
    When carpet is manufactured, the pile is sheared (cut) to give it its specific pile height.  Small amounts of the cut pile are on the surface and down into the pile.  As you vacuum, these loose pieces are picked up, and will eventually disappear.
  2. Why am I getting shocked when I touch a metal object after walking across my carpet?
    Static Electricity is caused by a low Relative Humidity in the room (home) and the friction between  your feet and the carpet.  This can be remedied by installing a humidifier to increase the relative humidity in the living environment.  There are also commercially available products that can decrease the static build up.
  3. How do I clean my carpet?
    The best and most recommended method of cleaning a carpet is “Deep Steam Extraction”.  This is best left to the professional services available in your area.  Always check with the Dealer where you purchased your carpet for their recommendation.  They will know the fiber of your particular carpet and the manufacturer’s cleaning recommendation.
  4. What can I do about the new carpet smell in my home?
    Usually, the odor from new carpet and pad go away within a week.  To accelerate the process, if possible, open windows and doors to ventilate the area , and use fans to keep air circulating during the installation and up to 72 hours afterwards.  Vacuuming your new carpet will also help remove the odor.
  5. What is the best way to clean up a stain on my new carpet?
    It’s going to happen sooner or later.  You knock over a glass of liquid, or spill a plate of food on the carpet, or walk in grease from the garage.   The first thing to do is to contain the spill area, as quickly as possible.  Use paper or cloth towels to blot, not rub or scrub, as much of the stain as possible.  Work from the outside edges in, to prevent the spreading of the stain.  Use a solution of mild dishwashing and water, usually 1 teaspoon to 1 quart of clear water.  Lightly dab the soap solution into the stain, again working from the edge towards the center of the stain.  Use clean clear water and a clean towel to blot up soap residue from the affected area.  Don’t leave soap residue on the fibers.  This will only attract soil.
  6. What is Frieze Carpeting?
    Frieze is a cut pile carpet with highly twisted, short fibers, that oriented in different directions.  This helps in hiding lint, dirt, traffic marks, and vacuum lines, making it great for high traffic areas.
  7. What styles of carpeting do I have to choose from for my home?
    There are three basic types of tufted carpet constructions.  “Cut Pile”, Loop Pile” and “Cut and Loop Pile”.  In a Cut Pile, the carpet loops have been cut (sheared) to create individual tips.  Examples of this style would be “Velvets” and “Textured” Saxonies.  In a Loop Pile, the carpet loops are not cut (sheared), leaving the loops intact to form the surface of the carpet.  Examples of this style include multi-level loops and berbers.  In a Cut and Loop style, you have a combination of the two previous styles.  This style of carpet be a pronounced pattern or a subtle tracery design.
  8. When purchasing a carpet, what fiber should I use choose?
    Most Residential carpet is constructed from four types of fibers or blends of those fibers:  Nylon, Polyester, Polypropylene, or Wool.  Nylon fiber is durable, resilient, and soil resistant.  Polyester fiber is a soft fiber that has great color clarity, is stain and fade resistant, and is less expensive than Nylon.  Polypropylene, also called Olefin, is very popular because of its stain, fade, and moisture resistance, and its low price.  Wool is the more expensive and less stain resistant than the three synthetic fibers, but is still popular because of its luxury and beauty.
  9. What is Recycled or Recyclable Carpet?
    Ecological Friendly Flooring has become a large part of the floor covering industry.  Today, carpet is being manufactured from recycled “Pre-consumer” and “Post-consumer” materials, that not only save landfill space and use of natural resources, but then can be recycled after their usefulness as carpet.  So if environmental protection is a personal priority , consider a carpet that is Ecological Friendly.
  10. My sweeper has pulled a carpet fiber out of my carpet that is still attached to the carpet backing, but resembles a long string laying on the floor.  What should I do?
    If there is not a “bald” spot in the carpet surface, but merely a long string of carpet fiber, cut it off with a pair of scissors, flush with the surrounding carpet fibers.  Do not pull on fiber.  This may cause damage to the back of the carpet.

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