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ABRAHAM LINC | Hardwood Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I use a Steam Cleaner on my Hardwood Flooring?
    While steam is a great sanitizer, it is also hot water, (moisture), that can interact with fibers in the wood, causing excessive swelling of the wood planks.  It can also cause the finish to lose its sheen and can also cause clouding of the overall finish.
  2. Can I install Hardwood over Radiant Heated Floors?
    Solid ¾ inch Hardwood, No. Engineered Hardwood, Yes. The Radiant Heated subfloors cannot exceed 85 Degrees Fahrenheit.  Solid Hardwood is too susceptible to the Relative Humidity and Temperature that it encounters.  Too much of either can cause unnatural expansion or contraction of the flooring, which can cause failure of the flooring.  Engineered Hardwood Flooring, on the other hand, is much more stable, and can accept a higher degree of Relative Humidity or Temperature.
  3. Will my Hardwood Flooring have color variation in it?
    That’s the beauty of Mother Nature. You will see variation from board to board. This is due to minerals and sap in the different parts of the tree. Also, each growing season is different, causing variation in the grain of each plank, as it’s cut from different sections of the tree.
  4. Recently, I moved an area rug on my flooring, and it’s lighter in color where the rug was, than the rest of the floor. What caused this?
    “Patina”, as it’s called, is a natural aging process that all wood species goes through, where the shade of the wood darkens with age.  Sunlight, will accelerate the process. So the use of drapes and blinds, along with the moving of area rugs and furniture, from time to time, will make the shade transition more even.
  5. Can I use Hardwood in my Kitchen and Bathroom?
    Bathrooms are not  a recommended room for Hardwood. There are too many possibilities for water damage, with the sink, commode, tub, or shower. They all pose a risk for standing water, which will definitely damage a hardwood floor.  Kitchens are a very popular room in a home for Hardwood Flooring.  Engineered Hardwood construction would be recommended due to the fact it offers greater stability than solid Hardwood Flooring in areas of the home that are more likely to have spills and moisture.  Any spills should be wiped dry as soon as possible.  Non-rubber mats should be used in front of the sink, stove, and refrigerator.  These are high traffic pivot areas.  Chair legs need to have felt pads on them to protect the floor from damage.
  6. Can Solid Hardwood be installed on concrete?
    No.  Solid Hardwood should only be nailed or stapled.  And only on grade or above grade.
  7. Can Engineered Hardwood be installed on concrete?
    Yes.  Engineered Hardwood can be installed on concrete.  It can be installed on grade, below grade, or above grade.  It can be glued on concrete, provided the concrete is clean, flat, dry, and structurally sound.    Some Engineered Hardwoods are now being made with a locking tongue and groove.  On wood, this allows for glued, nailed or stapled, or floated installation, using the locking system
  8. What constitutes a flat subfloor?
    The subfloor is considered flat if there is a minimum difference of 3/16” in a 10 foot span, or 1/8” in a 6 foot span.  All low spots must be filled or high spots ground down.
  9. When installing Hardwood Flooring, how much space is need for expansion? 
    ¾” needs to be left around the perimeter of the room and at all vertical obstructions, (poles, pipes, etc), for ¾” solid hardwood.  Engineered Hardwood should be minimum 5/16”.
  10. Why does my hardwood floor squeak when I walk on it?
    Usually the subfloor was not flat, (within industry tolerances).  This will cause undue stress on the Nail, staple, or adhesive, used to attach the flooring to the subfloor.  This undue stress causes the flooring to loosen, thus causing movement in the flooring itself.

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