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The Strongest Linc in Your Supply Chain

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We are committed to having your order in stock when you order it. Just in time is often just a little too late. Check out our inventory levels on Linc Online, you might like what you see!

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On Time

“Call us old-fashioned, but we think it’s our responsibility to get the material to your door when you expect it. It starts with having the material in our warehouse, but cannot happen without our logistics team. From unloading containers, managing cycle counts, to loading and unloading our trucks, Abraham Linc knows your customers judge you on our service. We’ll be there for you when it counts.

How do we deliver to you?
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Damage & Dirty Free

How much use is the right product arriving on time if it’s broken when it arrives? What if it’s filthy? Abraham Linc’s warehouse and shipping teams are all committed to ensuring we put our best foot forward with every order. The cleanliness and wholeness of your order are paramount to your perfect order experience.

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Our mission is simple: to better the lives of the people we serve through consistently delivering on what we say. We aim to be your best supplier. Period.

– Darren Abraham | President / CEO Darren Abraham
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Meet Our Team

“Organizational strength exists when a team puts the company’s goals ahead of their own. We truly have that at Abraham Linc. Everyone knows why we’re here and plays their part in service to that goal.”– Robert Marra, CFO

Meet the team

Our Process

“It isn’t very hard to put some flooring on the back of a truck and take it somewhere, but it is nearly impossible to put the right flooring on the right truck, take it to the right place, on time, every day.” – Adam Davisson, Logistics Manager

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“Our approach to product is simple: We don’t need to have every style and color, we need to have the styles and colors folks in the Mid-Atlantic care about. Better to have enough inventory of the right products, than be thinly stretched across the wrong ones.”– AJ Warne, VP of Sales and Marketing

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