AbrahamLincThe Strongest Linc in Your Supply Chain

The Strongest Linc in Your Supply Chain

Our History

Abraham Linc started in 1976 as a carpet distributor servicing Bridgeport, WV, but has grown to become the Mid-Atlantic’s best supplier for residential and commercial flooring products.

Branded as Abraham Linc in 1996 to emphasize its role as the link between the best flooring businesses in the Mid-Atlantic and the products they need to be successful, Abraham Linc has never lost sight of its humble beginnings.

Abraham Linc remains focused on providing excellent customer service for its customers with relevant, high-quality products they want, when they want them, delivered damage and dirty-free.

Abraham Linc remains privately held, giving them the flexibility to provide the products and services their customer requires.

Abraham Linc Abraham and Charles
1976 – 1987

Charles E. Preston

Preston Carpet Distributors was founded by Charles E. Preston.
The company was established as a carpet wholesale distributor, agency, and retailer.

Preston Carpet Distributors

Darren Abraham

Darren Abraham was hired by Charles Preston as the company’s outside sales representative. With Darren’s support, sales continued to grow as Mr. Preston mentored him for the eventual sale of the company.

Darren Abraham And Charles Preston


Darren Abraham purchased Preston Carpet Distributors from Charles Preston.

Darren Abraham purchased Preston Carpet Distributors

Terry Warne

Terry hired as Executive Vice President to create a sales force focused on sustainable growth.

Darren Abraham purchased Preston Carpet Distributors

New Location

Preston Carpet Distributors moved to its current location, a former heavy equipment sales center with more square feet for inventory and offices.

Darren Abraham purchased Preston Carpet Distributors
Abraham Linc Expansion Map

Preston Carpets

Expansion comes as Preston Carpet Distributors moves into the Pittsburgh, PA and Charleston, WV metro markets.

1994 – 1996

New Name

Darren Abraham’s vision for the future of this company makes itself known with a complete rebranding as Abraham Linc. Even in 1996, Darren understood that the company’s value is connecting our customers to the products and manufacturing in a way that other suppliers under value.

Darren Abraham in The Abraham Linc Sign
Abraham Linc Cup


Expansion continues, adding new markets east of the existing markets. Abraham Linc more than doubles its sales force in 2 years and begins remodeling and expanding the headquarters in Bridgeport to befit the company it will soon become.

2007 – 2008
Abraham Linc Headquarters


Headquarters remodel completed, preparing the company to take its next leap toward the future.


New Vision

Abraham Linc looks inward, updating its corporate vision and mission for the future. Abraham Linc modernizes its branding.

Abraham Linc Headquarters

Eastern Project

Abraham Linc begins Eastern Flooring Products to promote its new laminate and hardwood offerings.

Abraham Linc Headquarters
Abraham Linc Map

Logistics hub

Once again doubling its sales team, Abraham Linc enters the markets that it now calls home, completing its “Mid-Atlantic” market offering by adding logistic hubs in the Baltimore and Waynesboro to service these areas.

Eastern Waterproof Flooring

Eastern Flooring Products

Eastern Flooring Products grows to include WPC and SPC offerings, honing the focus of the customer-focused product max that Abraham Linc offers today.

Abraham Linc Cup

Logistics hub

Abraham Linc adds another logistics hub to better serve the needs of a growing customer base and inventory needs.

Eastern Flooring Products Truck

Eastern Flooring Products

Abraham Linc rebrands to focus on its strength and focus to serve our customer base. The Strongest Linc in Your Supply Chain.

Abraham Linc Cup

and beyond!

Abraham Linc will continue grow to meet the expectations of its customers. We appreciate your support along the way.