Preston Carpet Distributors was founded by Charles E. Preston. The company was established as a carpet wholesale distributor, agency, and retailer.


Darren Abraham was hired by Charles Preston as the company’s outside sales representative. With Darren’s support, sales continued to grow as Mr. Preston mentored him for the eventual sale of the company.


Charles Preston sold Preston Carpets to Darren Abraham.


Terry Warne was hired and appointed Executive Vice President, forming the foundation of a sales force that creates sustainable growth for the company


The company moved to their current location, allowing for more diverse product segments and therefore increased sales.


Preston Carpets began to expand geographically, thus allowing them to become a regional player.


The official company name became Abraham Linc Corporation, a nod to the role distributors play in bringing quality products into the marketplace.


Increased need for warehouse and office space led to a required facility expansion. The existing location was purchased and converted into the Abraham Linc headquarters.


Facility expansion and remodel was completed.


Abraham Linc set a new Vision and Mission for the company while setting their sights toward future growth. The Abraham Linc logo is modernized.


Abraham Linc began the Eastern expansion project. The Abraham Linc footprint began to expand East, into Maryland and Virginia. In order to support these new boundaries locations were established in Baltimore and Central Virginia


Abraham Linc continues to invest in logistical infrastructure to better serve their customers.


Darren Abraham purchased Preston Carpet Distributors in 1988 and changed the company name to Abraham Linc. Our company name was created to define our role as the link between suppliers and dealers. Since then, Abraham Linc has grown to be a Mid-Atlantic floor covering distributor known for reliable delivery, excellent customer service, and doing the right things right.

We have recently updated our marketing, delivery, and warehouse strategies and devoted significant resources to provide better products more efficiently. A new state-of-the-art facility was constructed, our transportation system was refined, and highly skilled and experienced operations and sales teams were recruited.

Abraham Linc is proud to be a customer-focused, privately-held choice distributor. We supply our customers with the best products, and a strong business relationship. Our markets have expanded and continue to do so.

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