AbrahamLincThe Strongest Linc in Your Supply Chain

The Strongest Linc in Your Supply Chain

Customer services & benefits

We’re in the inventory business and perform logistical services in the Mid-Atlantic. We understand that our customers care about more than just product. Our professionalism is blended with a warm family-feel and driven by accuracy and a sense of urgency. In the flooring industry, all suppliers provide the same services. It’s how well we perform these services that set us apart.

Abraham Linc is a supplier of floor covering products in the Mid-Atlantic. We source and supply innovative products for our customers that end-users want and need. We create a market for both domestic and international manufacturer’s products and provide logistical services to move them through our marketplace.

We primarily supply retail flooring stores that are in the residential replacement, builder, commercial, and multi-family channels. Our focus is on order accuracy, high fulfillment rates, and on-time delivery. Ease of doing business and our sense of urgency is how we’ve positioned our customer’s experience of our company.

Scanning Barcodes
Abraham Linc Warehouse Services
  • We provide both branded and private label product lines
  • Source products both domestically and internationally for style, design, and value
  • Qualified credit line available
  • Reliable, friendly, and hassle-free delivery with our private fleet and employed drivers
  • Large local inventory visible 24/7
  • Friendly customer care associates for helpful order placement
  • Convenient online order placement and account information
  • We achieve the highest order accuracy, fulfillment, and on-time delivery rates of over 99%
  • Technical product and installation training