AbrahamLincThe Strongest Linc in Your Supply Chain

The Strongest Linc in Your Supply Chain


We are the “link” between manufacturers and flooring dealers in the Mid-Atlantic. Manufacturers make products; we create sales and deliver products. We are the sales and logistics arm for domestic and international manufacturers looking for instant access and coverage in the Mid-Atlantic.

Our capabilities:

  • Privately owned and operated fleet of delivery trucks
  • Distribution centers in Bridgeport, WV., Baltimore Md., Waynesboro VA
  • Order accuracy, fulfillment, and on-time delivery rates exceeding 99%
  • Sales and logistics coverage for the entire Mid-Atlantic
  • Large local inventory
  • Internal measurement systems that address performance
  • Technical sales and training department

We are the most effective and efficient sales and logistics solution because:

  • Strong sales focus through narrow selection of manufacturer partners
  • Disciplined sales team that understands their market and performs
  • Provide merchandising and displays for manufacturer’s products
  • Lower merchandising costs through display cost sharing and set-up
  • Logistics system in place
  • Effective claims resolution
  • Reduce internal operational costs through larger order size
  • Decrease billing and collection costs through less AR write-offs, quicker payments, and larger invoice size
  • Product and installation training
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How To Become a Supplier

If you have any questions about our company, or if you are interested in becoming an Abraham Linc supplier, please contact us today. We’re always interested in speaking to a new supplier of quality flooring products!

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