Customer services and benefits

Abraham Linc is a supplier of floor covering products in the Mid-Atlantic. We source and supply innovative products for our customers that end-users want and need. We create a market for both domestic and international manufacturer’s products and provide logistical services to move them through our market place.

We primarily supply retail flooring stores that are in the residential replacement, builder, commercial, and multi-family channels. Our focus is on order accuracy, high fulfilment rates, and on-time delivery. Ease of doing business and our sense of urgency is how we’ve positioned our customer’s and supplier’s experience of our company.

We are the “link” between manufacturers and flooring dealers in the Mid-Atlantic. Manufacturers make products; we create sales and deliver products. We are the sales and logistics arm for domestic and international manufacturers looking for instant access and coverage in the Mid-Atlantic.

Our capabilities:

  • Privately owned and operated fleet of delivery trucks
  • Distribution centers in Bridgeport, WV., Baltimore Md., Waynesboro VA
  • Order accuracy, fulfillment, and on-time delivery rates exceeding 99%
  • Sales and logistics coverage for the entire Mid-Atlantic
  • Large local inventory
  • Internal measurement systems that address performance
  • Technical sales and training department

We are the most effective and efficient sales and logistics solution because:

  • Strong sales focus through narrow selection of manufacturer partners
  • Disciplined sales team that understands their market and performs
  • Provide merchandising and displays for manufacturer’s products
  • Lower merchandising costs through display cost sharing and set-up
  • Logistics system in place
  • Effective claims resolution
  • Reduce internal operational costs through larger order size
  • Decrease billing and collection costs through less AR write-offs, quicker payments, and larger invoice size
  • Product and installation training

How To Become a Supplier

If you have any questions about our company, or if you are interested in becoming an Abraham Linc supplier, please
contact us today at 800.359.5260 or 304.842.6474.
We’re always interested in speaking to new suppliers of quality flooring products!

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